October 8th, 2012

The Shears

Photo courtesy of the band.

It’s a cool Saturday night in downtown Austin, and Beauty Bar is packed. Fans know by now— only a year after The Shears’ inception— that a Shears set is always a party, and as soon as the music starts everyone begins to dance. The Shears play the kind of pop music its members love and never tire from, reminiscent of Depeche Mode and The Ting Tings. The band looks like a bunch of stylish kids having a helluva good time. You’ve got Adam Bencen on drums, Albert Vuong at the keyboard, Tommy Montgomery on bass, Aaron Blackmar playing the guitar and, finally, vocalist Inné Aguilar, well-known around town by now for her outlandish outfits. After they’re done, people line up to say hello, and The Shears sells about 15 copies of their newly released second EP, Up We Go. All in all, a pretty good night… Read the rest of the article on Red River Noise

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